Company – Medisana

Nothing is more important to people than their health.
This fact has been driving our company for about 30 years, making MEDISANA now one of the leading healthcare specialists. We operate in the home health care market and work continuously to develop, manufacture and market healthcare products for the end user – so that these products can help ever more people to monitor their own state of health independently and conscientiously, to treat themselves without risk, and to practice beauty care professionally.

Human health is a demanding goal, actively pursued by our strong team at MEDISANA. A high level of experience, internationality, enthusiasm for technology, creativity and motivation are as self-evident as good team spirit.

MEDISANA International documents our boundless activities in product development and marketing. We use the resources of the world market, and in recent years have established an international corporate network of subsidiaries, licence partners and distributors – a healthy company with potential for growth. Talk to us if you want to find out more about MEDISANA. We look forward to your interest.


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Our philosophy

The notion of health pervades all areas of our company. We develop specialised, easy-to-use, high-quality products for people who want to be able to rely on safe functioning, absolute biocompatibility without any side effects and attractive, ergonomically enhanced design. We are able to sustain these high standards:


In every respect. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, guaranteed by our meticulous quality control process.


State-of-the-art functions and features ensure our products stand out. Multiple accessories are included in the purchase at no extra charge as standard (e.g. children’s mask for inhalation unit).


Side effects are ruled out when using our products – for risk-free home therapy.


Thought is put into the design of all our products. The harmony of form and function ensures ease of operation, reliable performance, and an attractive appearance.


Our products are easy to operate. Detailed manuals not only explain how to operate the product, but also provide useful medical background information. Various products (e.g. for alternative pain therapy) are supplied with specific therapy books, to improve their efficient use.


All products are covered by a 3-year warranty. Should there be any complaint, however, they will be handled quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.


Trained medical product consultants will be happy to answer any of your questions. And our qualified staff, with many years of professional expertise in the medical field, are there to take care of our trade partners.

Medisana Quality

Our customers should feel that they can rely on us. For this reason, we consider warranties of at least three and up to ten years a matter of course. Fulfilling the criteria of the World Health Organization, conducting clinical studies and certification according to the Medical Devices Act are also all part of product development at MEDISANA.

We are convinced of the quality of our products and give a voluntary warranty of 3 years that goes beyond our legal obligation.

MTP Plus: MEDISANA gives a 10-year quality warranty on this product

Classification of the blood pressure levels according to the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the form of a traffic light scale.

Genuine microfibres are particularly skin-friendly, drip-dry and insensitive to dirt.

Blood pressure monitors bearing this symbol can detect and indicate any cardiac arrhythmias occurring.

The quality management system of Medisana is certified according to the international standard ISO EN 13485 and guarantees a constant, high level of quality.

Blood pressure monitor with voice and diagnosis function:
Levels are evaluated according to the classification of the World Health Organization (WHO) and indicated both visually and acoustically.

In clinical studies or tests the therapeutic efficacy and/or accuracy of a device is tested and documented in writing.

The Medical Devices Act defines the technical and medical demands made of the products. A certified medical device must meet these high demands.

Heat pads and blankets bearing this symbol are fitted with a special sensor system which provides exact temperature control of the heated area and special protection against localised overheating.

The liquid is atomised by means of an ultrasonic applicator into extremely fine particles.