The Bodytoner App

What type of massage is good? And with what intensity can you attain the best result?  With the help of the Bodytoner app, the form and intensity of the massage can be individually controlled.


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Areas of application

5 different application programmes for the waist, shoulder and neck, back, limbs


The App will provide information for each application area regarding the various causes of tensions.

Timer function

The treatment time can be easily adjusted using a timer. An overview shows the treatment times throughout the course of time.


With timer function

5 programs: Tapping massage, Shiatsu massage, pressure massage, kneading massage, automatic

Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) connectivity

7 intensity levels

Everything at a glance

As a training-supporting measure or for relaxation purposes the MEDISANA Bodytoner can stimulate specific muscle groups. The stimulation can be adapted to the individual needs with different application programs and levels of intensity.

For relaxation and the training of muscles.

Relaxing + training

Effective muscle training without the physical exertion: With the App-controlled MEDISANA Bodytoner, it is possible to relax certain muscle groups in a simple and mobile fashion, or stimulate them as a training-supporting measure. Especially highly stressed areas such as the shoulders and neck, or the arms and legs can be selectively relaxed or built-up with the local effect of the self-adhesive electrodes.

It´s so easy