Here’s how you can maximize your device and starting seeing real results.

Fitness trackers are all the rage these days. And why not – seeing how this device can track your steps, activity, sleeping patterns, exercise time, calories burnt and some, even your food and water consumption – everything that adds up to a healthier lifestyle. It’s like having a personal fitness coach all in one nifty gadget!

But it is not enough to just wear a fitness tracker; you need to learn how to make the most out of it. So here are six ways to do exactly that.

#1 Wear it – Always
A fitness tracker tracks your workouts and activities using a sensor so it won’t be doing you any good if you leave it at home while you’re out and about. You need to be consistent to get real result. The more data you give your tracker, the more accurate the analysis will be.

For this reason, make sure you pick a fitness tracker that is comfortable to wear every day, isn’t cumbersome and bonus points if it looks good. Plus, get one that is easy enough to set up and use. You don’t need all that flash – just one that is reliable and tracks what’s important to you.

#2 Set Targets!
Set your targets and use your tracker to make sure you’re meeting them. Monitor your activity and work out how best to meet your goals. Make sure to build on them – no point just setting one goal, achieving it and then doing nothing. Also, be realistic; setting goals that are way out there will lead to failure and this will cause you to be demotivated and give up altogether.

#3 Create an Accurate Profile
Fitness trackers work on your data – weight, height, gender and age – all of which you enter before you even get started. Always input the accurate info so that your tracker can give you accurate readings. Update your progress as well. If you’ve lost weight, make sure to log that in your tracker/app as it may affect your data.

#4 Log Your Data and Review It
Most fitness trackers come with their own apps to log your data, like daily steps or goals reached. Make sure to upload your data frequently so that you can review it to see how you’re doing.

#5 Get Others Involved
Some fitness trackers let you sign up to a community of other individuals who are also in on the tracking trend. Sharing your progress or seeing how others are doing can inspire you to work harder. It also makes you more competitive to do more. All of which is great to push yourself harder in meeting your fitness goals.

#6 Reward Yourself
Met a goal? Give yourself a reward to feel good and motivate yourself to do even better! Whether it is a good meal or a massage, a reward will give you something to work towards. And your tracker will help you get there.

Medisana’s ViFit MX3 Connect Activity Tracker is a great fitness tracker to get you started on your fitness journey. It precisely counts and displays every step and burned calories as well as your sleep quality and duration. You can connect it to the VitaDock+ App and then upload your data results to VitaDock Online by Medisana to view your data online and analyze it. Plus you can sync it with data collected from other Medisana® products like blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and plenty more to have a more complete picture.

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