The Sleepace App

How well do you sleep? Sleep depth,  duration, heart and respiratory rates and movements during sleep – all conveniently recorded.


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Day view

Clearly structured representation of the individual values from the previous night.

Week view

The measured values of a week are represented clearly structured in a graph.

Month view

Overview of sleep scores distributed over the month


Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) connectivity

Wake up more rested thanks to Smart Alarm

Storage and clearly structured representation of all measurement results over time: Day, week, or month view

Sleep score - evaluation of the sleep duration and phases of sleep

Everything at a glance

Compared to measuring devices in a medical sleep lab, Sleepace delivers equally reliable values for the sleep analysis at home. The difference is that at home a person is in his familiar environment, and can easily carry out the sleep analysis over a longer period.

Sleep better. Live healthier.

Functions during sleep

Good sleep is not only important to maintain our performance, but also serves to avoid premature physical and mental ageing processes. And a healthy sleep is especially essential for our brain. If the sleep fails to provide a resting function, this will affect the performance and quality of life.

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